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Too tall to be fashionable


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I'm at the moment going through a good change in my body, losing some extra chubbiness and getting a lot stronger finally. . . so I decided to goto the mall to find some "trendy" clothing to help me out a bit.

I am tall (6'8"), dark (by nature), and now almost handsome (losing 10 pounds of fat is good good). I have extremely long arms (sleeve length 39), long legs and an odd pants size (38x36). I get my shirts and some pants at a big and tall shop, have nice dressy slacks and buttonfront collared longsleeve shirt, now they look great on me, but I'm trying to look a bit younger. I'm 24 but am often mistaken for being 30 or so. And dressing that way doesnt help too much. . .

So I can't find trendy pants due to my odd size, and longsleeve shirts from anywhere are impossible. I'm not exactly rolling in dough to hit expensive-ass places that could custom make it. I like shortsleeve, but due to my longass arms it's gonna take a long time to get big, and I'm not doing tattoos . . .

Any advice on how to get "fashionable" clothes on a budget for someone who's a cut above the average size?

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I am not nearly as big as you, im only 6"1 about 235 & buying clothes sucks big time for me, so i cant imagine how you must feel.

As far as pants go, if you have bigger than average thighs, forget about it. There are so many times i see awesome pants & cant even get em over my thighs.

As for shirts, certain labels run so dam small it looks horrible. Their is a huge difference between a shirt that is designed to fit tight & one that fits tight because of your size.

in summary, i am very much into fashion, but there is no way around the fact that you will be somewhat limited in your style because of your size. It sux


Tom-Me :eek:

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I live in Nautica, that's about all that does work well for me. Whenever I drive around, if I see a big & tall store I always go in, see if they have anything that might be decent. But if I find anything, it's insanely overpriced often, like $70-80 for a nice shirt. . . too rich for my blood. ..

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