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Your Most Memorable Moments of 2003


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me, graduating from the police academy.

elsewhere, the events in iraq this year had a profound effect on me. i think most of us grew up thinking that this country was pretty much untouchable, even though that belief was destroyed in 2001. but, reading the newspaper this year and hearing of american troops dying, almost on a daily basis had a real emotional effect on me. most of our parents lived through the vietnam war where daily news of a hundred, sometimes a thousand u.s. soldiers dying daily was a common occurance. but whether its one soldier, or a hundred soldiers dying every day, i'll remember all those u.s. troops that died abroad today. peace.

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partying a whole lot more, some of the best parties i been to, great friends, met lots of good ppl especially one that stood out above the rest, gettin my decks and feeling that needle hit the vinyl the first time *goosebumps*, dying my hair blue is lots of fun, birth of my cuzins 2nd daughter and all those times a certain record would get dropped that would make me go HOLY SHIT and just dance like no tomorrow.

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Buying my first home................. my parents coming down to Florida from Michigan for 3 weeks to help me re-model it.......... my grandpa having a heart-attack - and pulling thru his quintuple by-pass with flying colors............... the war in Iraq........ receiving a phone call from a long-lost buddie (7 years) who is serving in Iraq in the US Special Forces (bad ass mother fucker!)....... seeing an old high school buddie after 8 years.... seeing my best friend of 13 years after not speaking for 5 years - and having a blast hanging out........ getting a big promotion at my job........... traveling to Hawaii for business...... and last but not least, celebrating my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary with them in September!


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