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Custom Subwoofer Boxes/Enclosures

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check out JL audio's stealth boxes. The one for a mustang's trunk fits a single 10"... which is plenty if you get a powerful 10" and a good quality amp.


if not... ;) you're stuck with using a typical sub-box or bass tube.

The only other way is taking it to a stereo shop and having a full-on custom job done to your specs.

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Originally posted by daillestmattyg

I have a 99 Ford Mustang Convertible and I am looking to install my system. I have 2 Kicker Comp VRs and Rockford 501s amp. Does anyone build or know online where I can order a custom box to save as much trunk space as possible? Thank you


You have a convertible so that rules out mounting the speakers (to fire) at the rear seats. Aside from the JL stealthbox, you could go a different route and remove the spare tire and perform a custom installation there... I was quoted 2 years back over $1,000+ for that setup, but it was a waste in my opinion. If you have patience, you could do the work yourself. I created a fiberglass box in the winter working two days (lots of time to dry though... I would wait til the summer next time since the fumes are way too strong).

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Depends what head unit you are running... factory, factory Mach or aftermarket. I have the shitty Mach system and didn't want to go crazy like my truck so I opted to keep the Mach head unit (6cd changer) and replace the doors with Kicker Resolution 6.5 speakers (woofers) and Kicker tweeters in the Mach pods. Both speakers will not fit into your factory speaker holes and you will need to make mods. I purchased adapter plates (stock speaker size is the 6x8/5x7) for the 6.5" Kickers over the net for like $5... I still needed to cut the plates with a dremel to fit the Kickers...

As for the tweeters, the stock Mach pods are for 2.5 or 3" speakers I believe. I took a piece of plastic and cut it perfectly to mimic the mounting plate of the 3" stock speaker... front staging was definitely improved.

For the rear, I originally went with a JL Audio 5.25 component set in the rear (rear Mach setup has a box for the 6x8/5x7 speakers). However, I hated the sound and poor bass response and went with Polk 6x8's for the time being... I might just resort to getting a set of Kicker Resolutions for the rear as well.

After speaking that mess, you can add tweeters to the front doors if they do not come stock and I believe your rear speakers are on the side walls of the car since you have a convertible. Better bass response comes from a round speaker as opposed to the oval 5x7's... what type of music do you listen to and what do you want from the system... I could steer you better knowing that information first.

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If you are changing the rear speakers, I would swap out the fronts as well... As for the doors I would go with the Kicker Resolutions 6.5 and then a quality 6x8/5x7 speaker for the rear. Possibly an Infinita Kappa or comparable speaker with at least a two way (or three way) so that you can get some quality highs from the rear - otherwise you will have to add tweeters later on and that becomes a pain.

As for the subwoofer box, please note that our vehicles are not the greatest when it comes to sound efficiency. Air escapes from the trunk rather easily (since the trunk lid is fiberglass) and if you want a really quality setup up - you will waste time with dynamatting, etc. I have tried a number of items in the stang from two Bazooka 10" tubes fired at every possible angle... two "sealed" ten inch boxes - one with a JL sub and another with a Kicker Solobaric (design of sealed boxes are NOT efficient)... and finally one 10" bandpass box with a low level subwoofer (Kicker Impulse). Ironically the 10" bandpass provided the best sound out of those combinations and when you factor that it only cost me $100 - you can't go wrong. That would be my suggested route for the taking since the JL box alone cost over $150 or $200.

All good things do come to an end however, and I will be redoing my rear this summer... I plan on placing either one 15" or two 12" subs in the back with plexiglass enclosures...

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Through all my research of speakers how they sound and even going the length to hearing someone with a Mustang Convo. system I decided to go with the JL Audio Stealth Box designed specifically for the Mustang. Looks great and heard a demo of the sound and I love the sound. Comes loaded with a JL Audio w6 woofer. Its pricey but without a doubt worth it now here comes some more questions What type of amp do I go with? The place installing my system says that the Planet Audio amp is the best to power the sub but I know Rockford makes great amps What should I do?

Also I wanna replace the interior speakers behind the seats but I dont wanna thru with the trouble of using any speakers other than 5x7/6x8 so what should I use? Thanks again to everyone for the feedback it was a lot of help appreciate it.

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