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...I'm sorry, BUT....


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...no buts....no sorry's...how about just get to the fucking point...if you really were "sorry" or "hate to inconvenience me" you wouldnt be fucking do it....these two expressions are driving me nuts over the last few days...clients calling me after work, before work, etc with the belief that a few words make it ok...i'm all for common courtesy but don't pull my dick, just tell me what you want...plain and simple....


...and another thing...why the fuck do operators answer the phone if they're not ready...i.e. "Hi this is Rhonda I'm-Not-Ready-For-You with Continental Airlines"...no hold...no music...just give me a minute...i'll give you the fucking minute BEFORE you pick up the phone....what a tease...introduce yourself and allow me to initiate my flow only to stop me....next time i'm going to let her/him start their conversation back to me and cut them off a few times and see if they like it....

ok...that's enough venting for one morning....:)

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Originally posted by Mystify22

Ughhh I hate that hold crap too

"Hi this is Jenny please hold..." wtf :mad:

Also I just hate corporate phrases in general....like "I'm going to reach out to" and "We are going to roll out x program" UGhhhhh

please refer to my " I JUST WANTED TO TOUCH BASE WITH U " thread....ugh..the worst corp. phrase ever

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