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Some advice for the ladies...

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

When your having your period, don't "accidently" leave your "period underwear" out, its fuckin gross.

stop crying.........

one time, i took my used pad off and pasted it to the window of my ex's car window. lil' reminder of me! miss u!

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depends.. if i'm the one seeking it.. then yep.. if no... then NO! .. i did upset ex ex ex boyfriend.. i turned his bedroom into a porn palace.. hardcore gay porn mags everywhere... dildo's vibrators... big tubs of lube.. the works... he dumped me for another girl.. which i can deal with.. but she was my 'friend' a very prim and proper.. homophobic friend.. his flatmate let me in to his room.. and i 'decorated' while he was out with his.. new girlfriend... that was fun!...:D

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