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  1. Random Thoughts #3

    Holy cow yo! It has been a long ass time since anyone has posted in here....crazy....I think everyone has died
  2. Random Thoughts #3

    haha no....it was pretty sweet there. We just hung around a lot of old people
  3. Say What You Can About the Person Above You

    ^ is using hebrew words
  4. I miss this board

    yeah its gotta be us
  5. I miss this board

    I know I need some entertainment in my life!
  6. Random Thoughts #3

    haha EXTREME closeup...this was like 10 mins after it was done...a lil close but... This pic is a lil better cause you can see my face with it but the ball is all outta place...yay no makeup! lol
  7. Random Thoughts #3

    on my left side because I have my nose pierced on the right...felt I needed to even things out its a hoop...Ill see if I saved my pics right after it was done...
  8. Bon Voyage Party for DaVe (yes, me)

    right on! I wish I could move somewhere exotic.... nope just boring WA
  9. I miss this board

    I feel that! life is nutty
  10. Random Thoughts #3

    im bringin back this thread! Yay I finally got my lip pierced like Ive always wanted!
  11. Fuckin CP.....

    i fear change
  12. Random Thoughts #3

    and Im back....you know you guys missed me!
  13. Random Thoughts #3

    I cant believe the freakin bosox lost to the ms the other day...man....shitty
  14. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    haha that shit was HAlarious!
  15. Say What You Can About the Person Above You

    ^ doesnt think jesus is the mesiah ( hahahaha)