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is 50 cent for real??? he don't want gay men around him because he isn't comfortable with their thoughts?

.........and what thoughts might those be?? what time to go to the gym? or perhaps which pair of Dolce&Gabana jeans to wear for the night? or perhaps which protein bar is the healthiest? which one of those thoughts is "uncomfortable"? or perhaps, the thoughts of what the hell was Donna Summer wearing on that stage???

Which thoughts would be the uncomfortable ones? does he think he's THAT studly..........that he would somehow evoke some out of the ordinary special kind of thoughts???

50 cent......don't flatter yo-self.

not predjudice..............obviously someone doesn't know the meaning of the word (ok i dont know the spelling, but hey).

I guess schools in queens didn't cover that subject.

Go shorty~~~~~

uhm, anyone read that article......thoughts?

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Wow, are we just a little prejudice :rolleyes:

Do you know the diffenece between a black person and a nigger? or do you think every black person is a Nigger?

Originally posted by nynjclubguy

and p diddy thinks he is the shit he is just a nigger with money fuck him and his body guards

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Originally posted by muzikchick

if hip hoppers weren't so cheap at the bar, maybe the club scene could thrive a little better.

not for nothing, i know many people in the industry and this seems to be somewhat truthful

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Originally posted by muzikchick

if hip hoppers weren't so cheap at the bar, maybe the club scene could thrive a little better.

heard it from horse's mouths....(club owners)

kinda ironic the industry that strives on 'balling' is the cheap one

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In ingles, please?



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Top News

'Club King' sentenced to 10 years

Chris Paciello gets lighter decision for cooperating with federal prosecutors

Saturday, March 27, 2004



The getaway driver in the 11-year-old murder of a Richmond Valley homemaker -- who reinvented himself as a successful Miami nightclub owner before becoming a government informant against dozens of high-ranking mobsters -- was sentenced yesterday to 10 years in prison.

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In 2000, Chris Paciello, the one-time Miami "Club King" formerly of New Springville, pleaded guilty to racketeering and faced a maximum term of 33 years and seven months.

He also admitted his role in the murder of Judith Shemtov, who was shot when Paciello and three friends tried to rob her home on a tip that her husband had stashed $200,000 there. The gunman, Thomas Reynolds, maintains he accidentally pulled the trigger.

In Brooklyn federal court yesterday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Andres spoke favorably of Paciello's conduct since that night.

The night before his trial was set to begin, Paciello agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors, Andres said, leading to a domino effect of mob convictions. That was true particularly regarding the Bonnano crime family, and ultimately helped bring the government's fight against organized crime to a "critical phase."

Paciello, whose real name is Christian Ludwigsen, helped the feds convict Colombo family boss Alphonse (Allie Boy) Persico, among others.

But Jim Walden, the federal prosecutor who brought the original charges against Paciello, leaned a bit harder on the defendant. He cited Paciello's refusal to cooperate until the very day before his trial, a delay that jeopardized the plea deals of two other defendants.

"Mr. Ludwigsen is smart," he told the judge, referring to the defendant's choice to leave Staten Island and then create a thriving nightlife scene in Miami that drew a stream of celebrities and models in the 1990s. "He maintained part of his criminal lifestyle and caused some real harm to people in that community."

Paciello's attorney, citing his client's businessman-makeover as proof of his "wonderful, extraordinary, wonderful potential," said the defendant employed close to 400 people.

The attorney, Benjamin Brafman, who is also representing Michael Jackson, told the judge that in cooperating so fully, Paciello had made an extraordinary sacrifice, that of his and his family's safety.

Dressed in a stylish pin-striped suit, Paciello said, "I would never ask for forgiveness, just the understanding that this tragedy wasn't meant to happen. I accept full responsibility for the death of Mrs. Shemtov. If there was a way that I could change places with [the victim], I would."

No one from Mrs. Shemtov's family was present in the courtroom.

Despite the defendant's contrition, U.S. District Judge Edward R. Korman handed Paciello a sentence that visibly shocked him and his family.

Upon hearing the words "10 years," Paciello whispered a disbelieving "What?" to Brafman. His younger brother objected loudly and broke down in tears, and his mother cried, her legs shaking uncontrollably. Neither would comment afterward.

Storming out of the courtroom in disgust was Paciello's friend and nightclub business partner, Ingrid Casares, daughter of a wealthy Cuban family and known for her close relationship with Madonna.

"Chris and his family and his lawyers are very disappointed in the sentence," said Brafman. Alluding to Paciello's government contribution, he added, "I understand the difficult issues the court had to wrestle with, in particular, Chris's notoriety and the horrific nature of the crime. But he deserved more credit for what he did."

Prosecutors alleged that 32-year-old Paciello pulled bank robberies and other crimes for the Bonnano crime family as a member of the "Bath Avenue Crew." In 1992, he took part in an armed robbery of a Staten Island bank that netted $300,000.

His 10-year sentence includes the nearly four years he has already spent in custody. Under federal law, he must serve at least eight and a half years of the sentence, meaning he must spend the next four and a half years behind bars at a minimum. Paciello also was ordered to pay $400,000 in fines and restitution.

Heidi J. Shrager is a news reporter for the Advance. She may be reached at shrager@siadvance.com.

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Copyright 2004 The Staten Island Advance. Used with permission.


• 1 dead, 3 injured in 2 bridge crashes

• 'Club King' sentenced to 10 years

• Curtis High School: 100 years and going strong

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