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Monday is noFunDay


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my sister says that's how i hug my dad.. he's not a huggy kinda guy... so i'll just go hug him randomly, like a big hug, and he just looks at me like ummm ok...

u should tryin ruffling his hair and making monkey noises to throw him off even more :D

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Just so damn tired....sat in three hours of traffic last night and didn't sleep well at all :(

I want to get back in my bed

:isok: beach traffic?? i was all about my bed on sunday...i love my jersey sheets...i think thats what they are called :confused:

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Yessss beach traffic....We got home at 10 and I went right to bed, didn't unpack anything......

Yes, jersey *knit* sheets are sooo comfy!!!!!!!

I would do anything to go home, crawl in bed, and watch a movie


i didn't go to the beach or anything, but the weather is blahhhhhhh so i'd loveee to go home and do that, and i could.. but i'm trying to be "responsible"

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heyyy i got jersey sheets too! what color are yours?

mine are off white, sooooooo comfortable. mine are somehow extra comfy it seems...anytime a girl is in my bed they cant believe how smooth it is, and they end up stealing my blankies :mad:

mysti: im picturing you curled up in the fetal position with your sheets wrapped all over you, even your head, while you peek out to watch a movie :laugh2:

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