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  1. lol, yeah oops, i guess i'm out of it! but mid april!
  2. i meant april, not march.. blah... but i think mid march, my sisters and I went last july, and it was great. So one of my sisters and i are going back. I haven't booked my ticket yet though. But we're going to stay at the marriott, last time, we had the lanai suites, it was great.
  3. it's gone today, i've been getting them again a lot! sucks! how far are you from marco island? i'm going again in march. i <3 it.
  4. Does he check this board still? Happy Birthday! =)
  5. :laugh: What if meetings were like internet comments
  6. Hello I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How about yourself?
  7. congrats on the new job, saw your resignation letter post ...
  8. i'm going to fl for a week. yay
  9. i dont like merlot, and i once met a black lady who pronounced it mer-lot, and when i tried to correct her, she said i must be thinking of a different wine.
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