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The fucking cocksucker should start selling guayaberas with the Space logo to the poor sods that are waiting in line, willing to pay cover to get in! :D

well ramon puig guayaberas are excellent quality.... i used to have one until i ended up ripping it

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i bet luis puig would kick all of you guys asses :laugh: you guys wouldnt say that to his face :laugh: and btw ... white boys cant fight mdamon and philipio :laugh:

It was just business advice! I'm actually surprised that being as greedy as he is, he hasn't implemented a guayabera concession stand already! :D

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Of course I would say to his face, I told off edgar one night, even though I felt bad and I still have to make it up to him, Koky shut your mouth and back to your lil cubic in the basement, Bitch!!! :)

stfu cracka ass crackaaaa !!

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