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Dillema, In Need Of Serious Advice. A Tad Long!


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Here's my story.

I've been married for about 2.5 yrs. The marriage has had its share of good/bad moments. Well, about 1 mnth ago, we got into an arguement and wifey took off with all her things to her moms house. I tried to make things better by seeking marriage counseling, but when I attempted to approach her at her job, she almost ran me over with her car. Then she calls me and tells me she wants nothing to do with me. Also tells me to stay away from her moms house, etc. I'm like, okay. I admit that I've been going through suffering and pain because of this. Therefore, I decided to go out and distract my mind to avoid the emotional downfalls. To make matters worse, she calls me to ask me what I was doing at such and such place. I'm like what the fk?? First you tell me you don't love me and don't want to be with me and now you're trying to tell me what to do?? Her excuse is that she doesn't want to run into me. Anyhow, she calls me days later to tell me that she's going away to gather herself and clear her mind of what she really wants. I'm like...this is crap. I'm not her boyfriend, I'm the husband. You should of thought about that before you got married. She left me with rent,expenses and didn't care of all that I was going through. In the meantime, she's been out clubbing and doing god knows what. Well, recently I received another phone call from her vacation who she went with her bro and her bro's best friend telling me how she misses me and can't get me out of her mind. Here's my dillema...I really don't know what to do. I do love her, but am hurt and full of anger. I told her where was her love when I really needed it. There was no point in going to another country to gather yourself to see what you really wanted. That in my mind is pathetic and only made things worse because it just plants the seed of doubt in my head. I'm sure she's not in a room just thinking about me. I don't know if it's worth me forgiving and giving it another shot or just ending this by getting a divorce and moving on with my life. She's going back to school and I get the impression that this was all planned out from the giddey up as a last thrill before she heads that route. I also am under the impression that she takes me for granted and feels that I would be there in the end with open arms. I feel that in her life first comes her mom,bro,friends, then me. The harm has already been done and this isn't the first time she runs to her moms house when we have an arguement. I can't fall into this trap because then it will just become a habit. What to do? I would appreciate any feedback and apologize for putting this up in this section of the board, but could use some serious advice.

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This has got to be the longest post ever to have been expressly written on the drama board (as opposed to having been moved by a mod from another forum).

By the way, no one will take you seriously here... we all just insult each other 24:7. Your best bet is to copy and paste your post on the sex board. Good luck! :D

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