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im putting this just to bother.....


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Not even funny considering the reality of that day.

can u disprove the findings of that video!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? they went through great lengths...to follow up on what they showed in the video......so again i ask u...can i disprove it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

u know u people r so amusing....if u only had the the same passion that u did for change then u did for what r options r...if this were the case many of u here would be great leaders....but u all have taken the role of following very well!!!!!!!!! and this message goes to both elephant, and donkey supporters!!!!!!!!!! theres so much potential on this board if u guys could just drop what u guys have been forcefed!!!!!!!!!! we need another option, and until people stop fighting over the useless options we have, and join together for a new greater good......this bickering, and crap will continue to take place, until it comes to an ugly end!!!!!!!!!!!!! but as ive stated b4....humans...so much potential, and most of it goes wasted!!!!!!!!!! we have set this course for ourselves....so now we must follow it to the bitter end!!!!!!!!!!!!! good day, and good times to u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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Did you forget 9/11?

I specifically remember seeing security camera still photos of a large passenger airliner clipping light poles and slamming into the pentagon. I remember the airlines claiming multiple aircraft were missing and not heard from. Not once did they claim these were small private planes or missiles missing. Either you're bored or in extreme denial (and I don't mean the river in Egypt either).

Maybe we never went to the moon either.

Maybe the human race is one big alien experiment.

Maybe the human race was created from an incestial orgy between Adam and Eve's offspring.


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