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Cell Phone features you actually USE...


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...verizon has that Get It Now feature....i paid like $8 for it or something....too bad you live so far away, we could sit and play backgammon, sip on some ouzo and talk shit about everybody.....

just like my uncles :laugh: i could play that game for hours....

(whats ouzo?) its usually araq with my family...

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isnt it a pain lugging that sh!t around?

its not that much of a pain...its sux tho cause it looks like i am holding a vcr up to my head to talk on the phone...also going to a club and pulling it out to take down a number or look at the time always gets a reaction from the ppl i am around...lol...but to have a full keyboard for emails and txting is why i like it so much...

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u should get what DarrellG has then... Nokia 6820. full keyboard and very compact design...

what service do u have again?? and does it cost extra to be able to check your email?

Yea man. I can't say enough about my phone. It truly is the best phone every made, IMO. I use every feature on it. The only way I'm getting rid of this phone is if they upgrade this model and I change phones like I change my underwear (every 3 months :hat: ).

It has speakerphone, email, text messaging with flip-open keyboard, calendar, camera, video camera, AIM and java games. Backgammon comes standard on this phone and you can download as many as you want. I also have MapQuest, which really comes in handy if I get lost.

I have ATT and I love them. Their prices are cheaper than Verizon and they don't charge you for incoming text messages like Verizon does. They also upgrade your phone every 6 months if you want.



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