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yes.I knew her from rise a while back.Cant remember her name.I'm going to put the pic back up on my site soon.Girl got some twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins :love:

Her name is Lori.....and yeah she's got a rediculous bod. Lil story, we went back to a friends and partied well into Sunday afternoon. Usually people look busted going all night and into the next day. Well she is the only person i know who actually looked better going into Sunday. Remarkable.

As the saying goes........"There's a party in every cap!"

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Sup cookie face. :bowdown: Is that Nick Fury in your signature? Phatty she looked better back then.She looks to thin now.Check my pic of the week next week.I'm bringing back the classics :aright:

Nah dooooode, her thinness brings out her big eyes!!!!! By the way those got bigger too as the w/e went on. But thats prob cuz she unleashed em (took her bra off).

PM me when the pic is up

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