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Nice to see the boys in Iraq are keeping themselves busy


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looks like some people having a little fun. with the amount of pressure our troops are under... at the very least they should be afforded the right, to have a little harmless fun without being criticized for it. :)

Exactly remember these guys should be in college. jeez they knocked over a porta potty with someone in it. You can't tell me you never laughed at that?

give it a rest

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some people can not take a joke mostly when you are on tape getting human refuse on you.
some people are not so sensitive and can take a joke. these brave folks fight by each others sides day in and day out, so everyone knows everyone’s personalities pretty well... I'm sure that tape would not have seen the light of day, if those troops felt it was embarrassing to there fellow solider.

he was laughing, as where they. it's harmless fun which should be viewed as just that harmless.

sh*t( no pun intended :D) if somone did it to me, I would be laughing as well.

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I did't see the video i was just saying in general some people wouldn't find that funny especially being under the amount of stres some of these people are under. I mean that shit has to be pretty bad porto potty 115 degrees. :bounce:

I see what you are saying and are not trying to fight with you. :hat:

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