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Do you know the Difference???


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lol stymie that sig is kick ass! Anyway they say a man can have an orgasim but how many guys do you know that have actually have one? They may say that they have but unless your the one thats with them at the time its happening, its very questionable. In my own opinion I think its a myth and half!

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this is such a dumb thread

its like saying...

Do the ladies kno the difference between a dollar and 3 dollars?

Ok if it's such a Dumb thread why don't you tell me the difference between an Orgasm and a Multiple one???

Do you even know what makes it a Multiple one!?!

And believe it or not more than 60% of women don't know the difference!!!

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Ok so I take it no one knows the difference???

i wasn't sure if a guy could have multiples, i think i read somewhere but never looked into. I blow a load, take a 30second to minute break n i'm good to go til whenever.

i honestly dont think i can tell if a girls had multiples unless she tells me, i know i've made girls orgasm numerous times but i dont think thats the same as multiples, like one right after the other right?

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Ok you guys suck here's a little explanation:

Technically, multiple orgasms occur one after another in a series. Some women experience multiples as an extended wave of sensation which is the palpatations you feel after Orgasming; others feel the peaking as separate climaxes happening seconds or minutes apart. The fact that you've never had one isn't surprising -- multiple orgasms tend to be a rare treat.

Here's why: After they climax once, many women are simply too sensitive for any further stimulation. If you're one of them, bask in your post-orgasmic bliss and call it a night. But if your clitoris can bear continued attention and you want to try for multiples, here's a two-word game plan: Don't stop! If you have an orgasm before your partner does, keep going -- maybe changing positions or tempo. Or have your partner bring you to orgasm orally first, then proceed directly to intercourse, adding clitoral stimulation if you like. (The secret is in the mix -- switching from oral sex to penetration means different sensations, upping your chance for a second orgasm.)

That takes care of the physical -- as to your mindset, please don't put any pressure on yourself. Try altering the way you perceive orgasm; it doesn't have to mean you're done. Instead, focus on how great it still feels, and you may just climax again.

That Palpatation is very nice:grin3:.

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I don't think most girls need an orgasm to be satisfied by sex.
OMG, I could not agree with you more on this............I for one love it when my mind is stimulated I have had orgasms (well mental ones) where my body quivers and everything, just by touching and kissing. They are intense!!!!!

But unfortunately, the majority of girls or women think that if they don't have an orgasm that they are not having sex, this then leads to the whole not being able to orgasm cause they put some much pressure on themselves to do so!!!

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