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  1. Goodbye to Acura RSX & Toyota Celica????

    That really sucks!!!! I was looking forward to getting an acura rsx. Thanks!!
  2. Afterhours

    Drais now offers a room with hip hop/top 40. House still plays in the main 2 rooms and the back 2 offer hip hop. Also for those that I have helped in the past.....I no longer work for Drais, I quit this past weekend. Thought you should know.
  3. Can anyone tell me if they are discontinuing the acura rsx and toyota celica in 2008......neither car is on their website.?? That sux if so.
  4. Proactiv??

    Anyone try that proactiv stuff?? How do you like it? I heard some like it and some don't. I don't like the fact it makes you breaj out worse than you were before it starts to really work. I don't have acne, just a few trouble spots. Thought of trying it but is is worth it??
  5. 6/29 - 7/4 Where's The House Music?!

    Drais plays all house. Hit us up after you hit the other clubs. Our party picks up about 3am.
  6. Don't But Passes For Empire

    Empire Ballroom not honoring passes. I couldn't tell you how many customers I had tonight that were pissed because they had bought passes specifically for this weekend that cost them up to $50 and they were not able to use them. They are also having trouble keeping their customers satisfied and their employees are not happy as well since they seem to be having money trouble. Hmmmm....is Empire gonna have to throw in the towel soon. Guess we'll see. Anybody having problems with them?
  7. Drais Afterhours Now Hiring

    Drais afterhours is now hiring for waitresses. No experience neccessary. Can start this Wednesday. Please apply in person Wednesday - Sunday 12am-6am at Drais afterhours located inside the Barbary Coast, Flamingo & Las Vegas Blvd. Must be 21. Must have TAM and health cards. Ask for Mark or Francois.
  8. House/Trance/Dance clubs Thursday - Saturday?

    Drais for afterhours......all trance/house from 2am til ????
  9. table reservatiosn for all-male groups...problem?

    Drais afterhours will let you through as well....though if there is 6 of you they may ask for you to do a bottle but just tell them you're waiting on some friends and you'll do one, they should let you in no problem. You're welcome to sit at our tables until they are sold.
  10. Info please? Club for Thursday

    Drais doesn't discriminate. Hit the other clubs and then come over to Drais for the after party. House music all nite from 2am - 8am.
  11. Is Drais hard to get into?

    Drais isn't that hard to get into if you are nice and just ask the right people about it. Second there is no pressure to buy bottles. Our tables are "reserved" yes, but you are more than welcome to sit at them until they are sold. Third, there is no cover charge for those that do bottle service. Women are free Wednesday and Sunday. Lounge is 11pm-2am and $10, regular cover is $10 local.....$20 out-of-state. We open at midnight but don't get busy until about 2/3am and stay open til about 8am.
  12. Small Changes At Drais

    From me. We just had a meeting regarding this. No cover charge on bottle service.
  13. Small Changes At Drais

    That is way ridicoulous. Our wells are only $10 and our premiums only $14. I understand the need to make money but if you were a customer would you want it done to you..?....not me!!
  14. Small Changes At Drais

    Yes sad but true.....guests were paying cover price on top of bottle prices. However that has changed....cover will not be charged for bottle service. I do believe most clubs are this way, some still charge cover.
  15. Small Changes At Drais

    Jesse didn't DO anything inparticular. Just a lot of our clientel left when he did but we're slowly establishing it back. Tryst is working with us in promoting Drais and Jesse and his crew stops by often to say hi.