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drinking blackouts??


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ya, you guys don't care cause you would't remember them...

but there pretty scary..


i like to drink

but im not a psyco, i know my limits,

and many a weekend iv been sober..

i used to have a friend who was really bad

he was sooo obnoxious when he'd get wasted, but he'd never remember being a dick

how do you know a black out from being drunk???

like a couple fo times.. i wouldn't remember ceartin events from the weekend,

but like this past weekend i was at a house party out east( LI) ,

it was good, i had fun

i made my boyfriend drive so i could get drunk, i remember the beginig of the party and the end...... but i don't remeber this

sat night im hanging out with my boy freind and his friend amd they casually bring up how i got into a fight with this guy :what:

I HAD NO FREAKIN CLUE what they were talking about!!!

aparently he was an assshole grabbing every girls ass, and i went up to him and started to scream at him, and i was gonna give him a beat down :what:

,my boyfriend friends was behind him ready to hit him with a bottle :shake:

and my boyfirend had to step in and squash it ( what a pussy though to get in a girls face :jerkoff: .)

but i don't remeber any of it,

the guy they were talkin about was the guy i thought was cool in the beging of the night, and

i remeber

being drunk

and thinking

at the end of the night, "where is everybody? where is so and so and (the guy i got into a fight with???)

so even drunk i don't remember having beef with this cock sucker..

is that a black out???

the only other black out that iv EVER had in my life that i can say is a black out

was new years eve in 2004(?) @ arc.. i was drunk & i remember it being 3:00 then all of a sudden it was 10 in the morning, but maybe i passed out

does anyone know the diffrence, or experienced this???

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My blackouts are when I know I was somewhere, but don't remember what I did. Not passing out, but just not remembering. They seem to happen a lot easier these days so I've chilled out on the drinking. I won't even feel really drunk but I'll have no clue how I got home the next day.

Sometimes the memories come back, sometimes not. A few weekends back I woke up knowing I did something stupid the night before.

A friend of mine showed me a picture the next day of me swinging my dong back and forth at her, like most dudes probably in the shower when feeling proud. I've historically been the naked guy... I feel lucky to have the only copy of that picture, unlucky that everyone saw it before I got it.

Blackouts suck. I think they have to do with drinking a lot, frequently, and it burning out your memory. Maybe taking longer breaks would help.

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Well I've had a problem with memory loss since I was a kid, and pretty much everytime I drink seems like a blackout, not as bad or often anymore though thank god. It used to be every night, or sometimes 2 weeks later I'd say, what the fuck has happened for the past few weeks. All this just from drinking.

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That is exactly why I'm on a drinking hiatus right now. I just realized another month is coming to a close and in reviewing it, I haven't accomplished any of my personal goals. It was a real downer to evaluate my life and see I'm not doing anything with it again. All I've been doing is working 50 hour weeks and drinking kind of heavily every night, and binging every weekend. Really sad.

I probably spent something like $120 on my non-party beer drinking this month. I spent $50 at the airport bar Wednesday night, and am getting worse and worse. I'm starting to get more aggressive and irritable when not drinking. I'm not like that. I have a problem, and I'm stopping it.

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I've had drunken nights where I just don't remember certain parts of the night AT ALL...like last weekend, after the bar closed at 4 am, I must have been really drunk because apparently my boyfriend and I decided to be ghetto and bought forties and went to the cube in St Marks Place, and met some other kids and brought them back to chill, and when I woke up the next morning, I had no recollection of drinking 40's by the cube lol...I was like, er, where did we meet those ppl anyways, and why did we actually invite them over to our apt? lolol

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