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telling male friends to back off


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Miss Roxy is 100% right. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Do not continue to tell him you don't like him like that. That just opens the door to more of his BS. Doesn't matter how many messages he leaves, delete them *without* listening. Just like she said, if he asks, just say you were busy and couldn't get back to him.

But, here is the deal that maybe the others were not clear enough about, you *cannot* be friends with this person. He has a serious crush on you, probably even imagines himself to be totally in love with you. Any contact you have with him will just extend this obsession. So, keep away from him as much as possible. Do not be mean about it, but do not be nice about it, either. Just be nothing.

If you can keep from talking to him at all from this day forward, that is best. Are you in a situation where you might run into him on accident? For example, do you work together? Or, do you have mutual friends? If so, that makes it a bit more difficult, but just make sure that you are never alone with him. If you do not have any other ties with him, then that makes it easier. Just do not see him any more. Don't answer his phone calls and never, never, never call him back. Never. If you do accidentally end up talking to him, lie, if it makes it easier. If he wants to hang out, tell him you are busy. But just avoid him as much as you can and he will eventually get the hint.

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