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Diagnosis Q...

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I have a diagnosis q...my dad's voice has gotten really hoarse lately...he doesn't have any other symptoms other than this loss of voice....i thought that it might be tonsillitis...but when he went to the doctor, he didnt even do a throat swab and said that he should get an mri at the hospital to find out what it could be...does anyone know what condition could possibly cause a loss of voice? he isnt spitting or coughing up blood or anything, and he's actually gained a few pounds in the last few weeks, so he's eating well...im really scared...what do you think it could be? He's going to go to the hospital to get the tests next week, but im scared shiiitless until then conjuring up horrible possibilities...

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You will have to give us more info than that. Is it a loss of voice or is it a slurr of speech. This diagnoses could be anywhere from simple laryngitis (swollen larnyx) to nuerolical diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Other words, this is not the place. If the doc did not seem concerned, don't worry yourself. Get the proper test, such as MRI, CAT scans, Neurological, ect... and go from there. But, don't worry yourself or your dad until you know there is something to worry about.

Keep us up to date, and if you have any more info, let us know - then maybe we could give you some more info.



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