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Just outta curiousity which "djs" here download music without paying for them.


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My question to you is why do you do it.

My question to you is what do you care????!!!! Unless you are producing the songs or take part in making the songs ppl download and it is effecting your livleyhood really what do you care????

Please once again demonstrate your almighty knowledge of why ppl should or should not download????

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not for nothing but Get Over it....

Marco V has said in many interviews that he could care less if people are DLing his stuff. He says its a great way for people to get educated on music that he plays weather it be his own tracks or livesets

in fact...he made his entire new album available for a free DL

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Just my Two Cents....

But.....If anyone should be able to download music for free....

shouldn't it be a DJ???

especially EDM!

I'm not sayin it's OK for the common folk....lol

but DJs are turning people on to something that doesn't really get much exposure

Not sayin that I do it...I've been buying vinyl for 15 years and I am all over sites like Juno & Beatport buyin shit... but if I'm really stuck for a song.......why not?

what do you guy's think?

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well i know you mean well gabe but look at it this way...

when vinyl was the main medium one of the main objectives was to be recognized in the industry so that you could recieve free promos ahead of their release to the general public....same thing now. the "big" djs don't pay for most of their music, and that makes sense. if you are a record label you WANT the djs to play and support your material, that creates curiosity in the consumer which in turn comes back as sales...it's the way the industry works. i can 100% assure you there is no one on this site downloading every single record they play for free... if they were to get everything for free off the internet they would own a super crappy selection of tunes made by bedroom producers that aren't producing pro-quality music.

if you dj the objective is to needed and wanted by the industry....this helps the industry stay healthy...if you are a hot commodity most labels and people will willingly give their music up for free...it's a two way street.

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