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  1. a new look to a dead site...

    Yea the look of the site is pretty good. It's changed so many freakin times but Ill admit this is probably one of the best looks they have had in awhile.. Better then that green crap.
  2. Holla!!

    Damn I havnt been here in forever.. Doesnt look like im missing anythere either.
  3. DT @ Pacha - REVIEWS

    Good times!
  4. what the hell

    whats with all these freaking promos filling up the board? noone talks here anymore?
  5. hi friends

    this forum is done..
  6. Victor Was.....

    It was def closed off everytime I tried going up there.. I had an amazing time myself as well.
  7. damn i want mine to say i joined in 98 so i can be cool. @[email protected]
  8. Damn I wish I could make it to this. Ugh work and all..
  9. friday or saturday? saturday is pretty tough.
  10. Victor Calderone is now

    Yeap.. nomore studio/crobar.
  11. Cptv?

    What happend to it anyway? I forgot all about it untill I saw it on youtube and noticed nothing new anyway.
  12. Tenaglia @ Pacha

    I wish I freakin went.. I heard it was amazing...
  13. JP Tonight

    most likely all night.. I'll be there at like 4
  14. opie and anthony fans

    i love JV and elvis.. not surprised they are suspended.. lol.. OandA I dont wake up early enough to listen to but they are damn good.