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Busta Rhymes Drama..

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i was just listening to street soldiers..and all these people are calling in taking sides on the Busta Rhymes dead bodyguard issue. Some say Busta can't come out and say what he saw cause his life might be in danger if he "snitches"...but all i keep thinking about is that this bodyguard who is now dead put his life on the line for Busta every day...what better way to honor a man than help solve his murder and put the people responsible for it behind bars??

another issue is that the bodyguard had like 2-3 kids with different women..and now these women are w/out that extra income they had...wouldnt it be easy for Busta to cut a check or two to the tune of $200K for a man who put his life on the line for him??

i duno..in my eyes Busta's been a piece of shit ever since he fronted on LONS...just another sellout like Russel Simmons

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busta should talk - u are right, that man did put his life on the line for busta every day.

i saw busta recently at the hot 97 fashion show and he was good....

however i heard that he completely disrespects women - he supposedly threw vodka in some woman's face who wanted an autograph recently? that made me start losing respect personally......

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