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Cielo in Chicago?


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Sorry if this is a stupid thread, but I saw a flyer for Cielo for Feb 9th I believe, in Chicago.....

didn't realize there was one out there....how long has it been open (or is it new?)

cielo here in new york is great, just wondering what its like there....gonna come back to chitown in april

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I'm pretty sure it was a fake flyer going around

not sure, it was attached to a bunch of real flyers for events happening in the next few weeks in chicago. i can forward it to you if you dont believe me, or here is the picture for it, copy and paste in address bar:


hazing is so 2006 lol. i think its time to throw in the towel

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you are DEF on your A-game bella...i am impressed :bowdown:

seem to be making your rounds to a bunch of different parties too...anybody feed you any good drugs by accident lately? what is your weekly party lineup looking like this upcoming week? a lot of things to choose from

hahah lmao. thank u??? that means a lot coming from the worlds #1 bullshitter, lol.

anyways, as always im making my rounds, haha. how is codys?

im looking forward to a party at studio b in brooklyn on sat night.....

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