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We need more Philly up in here!

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Hey Philly people, tell your friends to get their asses in here, so we can put Philly on the map on this board. Did you see we aren't even on the city listing and they have sorry ass DC etc on there.

PS Ok well let's start a discussion what's your favorite Philly club experience? LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK!

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My best philly club experience..hmmm...

Probably last summer at Chemistry, it was a thursday, their best night. Saw this chic their that I met at Envy on occasion, my friend knows the bartender their and we drink as much as we want and tip him $20 at the end of the night. So neways, me and this chic, and all my friends were DRUNK of our asses. So she jumps in my car and we go to her friends place for afterhours fun cwm32.gifcwm32.gif



AIM: Carson11115

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