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Things to do in Rio

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Just come back from Rio, the club scene sucks compared to NYC, if that's what your used to.

Allot of people hang out at the beach all day, and there are many beach clubs (not clubby though) that are fun to hang out at.

I found that there were tons of women to hang out with and talk allowing that you can communicate in portuguese or maybe even spanish.

The more trendy neghborhoods are leblon, and copacabana has allot of action, much of it's questionable.

And, if you do go to a club and your not sure of what it is, watch out for thieves and prostitutes, which are very abundant. Makes NYC look peaceful.

One last hint, when going out to a club, make sure you are going to the best around, anything else will be extremly sketchy.

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Call my friends who offer personalized tours of RIO Luiz Felipe 259.5532 or cell 9637.2522

[email protected]

They will tell you everything you need to know and even take you out Great guys speak great english and honest.....


BASE House, trance don't go before 1am its hit and miss so ask if you can go in and look to see whats going on.

Hippopotamus was under construction last time i was there but they have a club next door also. Nice place stuck up people.

Meli Melo, Great place has 4 or 5 different bars inside one roof great dance floor packed music is a real mix of everything

Jocky club down the street, I have not been there.

Huge Gay bar near BASE never been there always a crowd there in front and a club next door to it also.

Sol shopping center has 2 clubs inside it both big and trendy.

HELP is only for picking up PROSTITUTES.

sitting out side of at one of the many cafe's is entertaining if you like watching tourests some real ugly pick up beautiful girls. Kinda sad depends on what your into.

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