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Meditation and Ketamine

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this is a classic, .. i must have posted this on CP years ago, probably back in 2001 or so.. fig'd why NOT post it again.. fun for reading!!


K-Hole and Meditation

We are incarnated in the form that we are in now. So our thougths and

actions will follow the form. However our true entity does not lie in the

physical but yet the Energy, which is a constant perpetual. Never ending and

never begining. It is neither then nor now let alone the future. It's simply

a consciousness of energy as itself without human thought.

for example, if an infant is hungry the infant does not say "gee I'm hungy i

hope mom feeds me" It hasn't developed the neurolinguistic abilty to do

that, so it's thought process is pure in reaction of the need to identify

the signals of it's bodily organs *hunger*.

Well in a deep meditation which is extemely similar to being in a K-hole

from using ketamine we can experience our true form, which is formless and

timeless. We then become aware of our true entity, one with the creative

force. We dissolve into the light and our body is non-existent meaning we

are no longer aware of our body. Once that happens our thought isn't as it

is now, it's very primitive in the link of non logical consciousness and

emotion we then become in our own energy and is what the Buddhist would call

the "NOW". Being in the moment. However after much thought and meditation

upon this and re-experiencing my enlightment, i've realized that there is no

such thing as time, no past no future, and ALSO no NOW. It is simply an

awareness of energy which is not subject to time or physical matter.

I don't mean to demean meditation and Budhism by saying that you can reach

Enlightment through Ketamine. I myself is a born again Christian that

follows the practices of Budhism for it's effective and practical purposes,

as well as Zen meditation.

I don't promote or suggest using drugs, however it is a simple fact that

different levels of consciousness is reached with the effects of different

drugs especially dis-associative drugs like ketamine. However when they

reach these states they normally don't know what it is they are experiencing

and therefore may feel traumatized.

Meditation is much more effecient and safer, however it takes practice and a

still mind.

The reason i'm sharing this with the people of CP is to simply assure anyone

that may have been or may end up in a K-hole not to panic, it's an

experience and just let the experience 'play' itself out. Try to take

something positive from it instead of something negative.

The experiences i've had has only assured me that we are all as one. Each

individual is unique but yet we are all as one, and therefore must treat

each other as if they were a part of us.

Also if there has been anyone who has had a "bad trip" or a bad experience

in a K-hole, rest assured it's only in your fears and anxiety that the

negative things come to manifest itself. Be positive in heart and faith and

you will NEVER have a bad trip regardless of what you may ingest.

You see, "THOUGHT" in itself can't exist with a subject of something to

think about. That is including the brain. The brain iteslf gives raise to

our thought, it must be aware of itself, however it's an illusion because

our true form, our true entity is timeless and matterless.

Time itself can not exist without a matter and an action in which space and

observation is necessary.

With those two things as the center of concentration it's easier to meditate

and reach Enlightment.

The Budhist likes to point out the all suffering comes from our desire. If

we desire nothing we shall not suffer. Well most of our desire is to feed

our physical form body. Meaning i may desire to want to have sex with

Rebecca Romijn Stamos that desire comes as the need to fulfill my sexual

bodily responses of hormones, which all lie in the physical. If she turns me

down i may feel offended, however if i did not desire it, i won't feel the


So it's in the discipline of daily meditation to control the six senses, and

therefore be more in-tune with the CREATIVE FORCE.

I hope this may have been helpful or atleast spiritually provoking.

If anyone needs some question answered about my experiences or others or any

question'bout meditation and so forth, please don't hesitate to reply to

this post.

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