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..I was quite surprised by "The Baez" last night

His mixing was a little off as usual, but his track selection was great.. He brought back some memories when he dropped Follow Me and a couple other classic tracks.. Highlight of the night was when he dropped That Kid Chris - Jungle, during some freak stage show.. That track is noooooooooooo joke!

..I will write a better play list later on

..Nice to finally meet A-Tip smile.gif


..Sugar you make my soul complete

..Rapture tastes sooo sweeet

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finally finished my long and crazy weekend.. just came home from the shore now.

on friday, i think mr. edwardo was definatly on point. he tore shit up all nite.. very weird to hear tracks such as "final chapter", "this joy", "kiss", and "soul shaka" in jonathans house but thats just eddies style and you gotta love it!.

played some crazy beats that had me running back and forth to the booth. i told him i never heard him spin like that. anyways. nice meeting up with you tranza. we must chat more. my highlight of the weekend was the yellow labels saturday and sunday for 70$. i guess they are back in circulation.

cwm25.gifcwm25.gifcwm32.gif now it time for bed...

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