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when do u take the next pill....?

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theres no time limit, it all just depends on how you feel. If you start to feel tired and are losing energy and interest to do anything but just sit and not move, then you proabably wanna take another one. You should remeber though, that no matter how many pills you take after the first, you won't peak nearly as good. I've noticed that any time multiple rolls were consumed, i've been more fucked up, like seeing shit and depth perception being messed up, stuff like that. My advice would be to try and make your first pill go as far as possible b/c it will be the best. Smoke an L if you are d w/ that, 5htp, even oj(supposedly enhances but is probably just psychological). You are also getting really good pills so you should be good for longer anyway.



"And thus they give the time, that Nature meant

For peaceful sleep and meditative snores,

To ceaseless din and mindless merriment

And waste of shoes and floors."

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once you have depleted the serotonim in your cells there is no point in dropping another it will not do anyhtinh however the more e you do the higher the dose you have to take as time goes by the 5htp is suppose to help replenish the serotonim faster and also eases your braincells so you dont burn them out but if you are a newby drop the second one about 31/2 hrs after the first if not both at the same time thats funner

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