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When should I take 5-htp ???

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i want to increase my roll, and i heard that using 5-htp can help. i never taken it b4 so can anyone tell me when i should take it???

one more thing, when i go to gnc or whatever, is there a certain one u gotta look for??





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If you ever have any questions about e or any other drugs, go to http://dancesafe.org

Based out of SF, they're down with keeping clubbing a safe environment. Here is what they have to say about preloading 5-htp:

Preloading is the practice of ingesting vitamins and other supplements prior to taking Ecstasy. Many claims have been made that certain vitamins and amino-acids, if taken beforehand, will reduce MDMA's potential neurotoxic effects, or will enhance the desired effects of the drug. We have consulted with some of the top neurobiologists and MDMA researchers in the United States to find out the truth about these claims. Here is what we have discovered about three common pre-loading ingredients: 5htp. Vitamin C, and L-Tyrosine.

The amino-acid, 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan (5htp), has been shown in animal studies to slightly reduce the neurotoxic damage caused by MDMA. However, the theory as to why this happens suggests that the best time to take 5htp for its neuroprotective effect is on the come-down rather than beforehand. This is explained in the slideshow. Bear in mind, however, that 5-htp has only a very minor neuro-protective effect in these animals, and no studies have been done on humans. It is unlikely, therefore, that 5htp provides any kind of substantial protection against potential MDMA-neurotoxicity.

I know it doesn't say much about increasing the effects, but I've heard that it really doesn't and can cause irreversible damage to serotonin receptors...it's best to take it after you roll to allow you to roll more frequently with better results.

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