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females, is anal sex painful?


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I've only done anal with three women, and they've all complained about the pain. It is wrong of me to say "Complain" since anal isn't always the most enjoyable of sex for women. As far as I am concerned however, it is the best for a man to fuck a woman up the poop chute.

Regardless, keep a few things in mind:

Keep her shitting

Cum inside of her asshole then pull out....you'll see a cookie's n cream consistency that will ooze out.


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Anal Sex is not apinful if done right!!!

I likes it alot!!!


Hi! How ya doing? where ya been, I had thoughts of you all night long.

Can't describe what you did, but you got me so!

Aolimer: Glowgirl42000

Email: Sugar4@earthlink.net

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