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Why do some gilrs not trim or shave down there????


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Bald is Beautiful!!!!

And my hunnie likes to see what hes eating!!!


Hi! How ya doing? where ya been, I had thoughts of you all night long.

Can't describe what you did, but you got me so!

Aolimer: Glowgirl42000

also downtowngirl101

Email: Sugar4@earthlink.net

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Why do some girls not trim or shave down there??? I don't get it, it's like so disgusting if they don't. Totally big turn off if I see or feel a big bush of hair down there.


Use BROWN EYES guest list at Exit Fridays!!!

*Did you find your ecstacy?*

E-mail: PrimeKMB2@aol.com

AIM: PrimeKMB2

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