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What was the most FUN for you last year?


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Alright.. since the drama has finished..

Who was your favorite performance or favorite party, or wildest night out last year?

#1 Labor Day Weekend @ Crobar, which I had an absolute blast..The music was nothing special but for probably the last party of the summer for the collegiates, the crowd had incredible energy was incredibly fun. Hasnt been the same since, IMO. Just goes to show you dont need a big name to have a great time.. (with apologies to Terry & Bitch).. I went to XL aftewards and was cracked out all Labor Day..

#2 Digweed @ Vic followed by RedNoFive afterwards.. incredible music.. 'nuff said

#3 Judge Jules @ Crobar.. another pretty good crowd with a nice set from JJ.. He worked the crowd extremely well and had everybody going crazy till the end..

How about you?

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Richie Hawtin - Decks, Effect & 909 @ the Smart Bar.. because at the beginning there were all the train spotters crowded round the DJ booth. The warm up guy was doing an OK job. Richie just walks up to the booth to a round of applause.. and turns the place up side down for the duration. There wasn't one trainspotter left not dancing after precisely 10 second.

Frankie Knuckles & Jocelyn Brown @ The House of Blues... because I got to meet Mr. Knuckles briefly, and the BEST crowd I have come across in Chicago (IMO) and it was Jocelyn Birthday and she sang, and we sang happy birthday back.. it was just one of those moments. And because it was a who's, who of house music.. people like David Morales, Erric Morillo all just turned up to see what happened.

Fabric in London - Steve Lawler & Danny Howells.

Back to Basics (UK, Leeds) - Just because I hadn't been for a year.


I want to go out blazing..not fade away.

Trust in the currency of relationships, it's hard to earn but easy to loose - back2basics


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I know my profile says I'm Washington, DC, but I'm originally from Chicago (going to school in DC). Just thought I'd check out the local board here. The most amazing party I've been to was a Christopher Lawrence event out here. I miss all the good house music back home, but CHicago's really got to work on getting some bigger names out there. Being in the East, I've heared VanDyk, oakenfold, carl cox, dave ralph, sasha n digweed, the list goes on. Question: what happened to dan the wildchild? He still in Chicago?


"I wanna go out blazin...not fade away." - Freak Frequency

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Whoever takes over "Drink" will probably just turn it into another suburban draw, such as Rive Gauche or Circus.... hmmm, isnt that what Crobar is becoming? I hope not, but maybe its too late.

I swear a lot of the crowd they get at Crobar are spillover dorks from the Crazy Horse..

"Hey dude.. look at the chicks going into that place.. lets go in there!!!"

"No way braaa.. its like a chinese place or sumthin'.. Lets head over to Alumni Club or Mother's for some brewskies"

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Right on dude, not sure when ill be out again after this weekend, but once it get a bit warmer im gonna be out more often.

But yeah will meet up 4 sure.....


ps, i take it youre not going to crobar sat, dont like psycho that much huh?

I hope it aint one of her off nights...


"Nobody picks on a strong man." - Atlas

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