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Amateur anal probing...


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Use good lube (I like Wet Platinum) and take your time. If you rush it you can really damage that thing, then you may never graduate to the DP. Loosen it up a bit with your finger or a slim dildo for starters. If you really want to do it by the book get Nina Hartley's guide to anal sex. And while your getting the movie pick up an anal starter kit, which includes a few different sizes of butt plugs. Then have a few drinks and let the games begin.

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I was a newbie to the anal probing until recently. BF begged and pleaded for a long time. I finally gave in. Fan-fucking-tastic! It does hurt (considering his size) but once I got over that, the screams were purely about the pleasure. Mind you, it is more as a treat rather than a regular event...sitting down isn't not the easiest task to complete the next day.


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Originally posted by mp3some:

cwm1.gif Damn... I still haven't had a girl who'd take it up the backdoor....

I'm assumin u take it" nice and slow"...

It's the only way to go...

Nice and slow in the beginning, Then it's on!

It's the first 1/2 inch that kills. Then we are rockin and rollin!!!!


Good time had by all!!!

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