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Question for the ladies ????


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I for one like to do the deed to my man! Watching him squirm and moan with pleasure makes me go crazy cause I know I can do the job and do it WELL! Yes I can do it WELL! BUT there's one thing, I don't like being asked to do it just out of no where. There's a difference when your in the heat of the moment and your playing around and he asks, well that's a different story, but when your just sitting around watching tv or something, don't ask to receive head, just not a turn on ya know (IMO).

But to go back to your question, I am a woman that likes to go down (on my man of course biggrin.gif) and give him pleasure by licking and sucking and stroking......

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giving head, for me, used to be a bigger deal than having sex with a guy. but the problem for me was that i thought that when i was giving head i was in a submissive position - i am not a submissive type of gal. as i got older, got more comfortable with my sexiness and started talking more candidly with my friends, i found out that most girls/guys feel that giving head is a dominant role!

well this started to change my views on the whole thing. now i am an eager participant, when i'm with someone i'm really into. and when we 69, it's on!!! oh man, i can't be thinking about this right now!




Peace Love Happiness y'all

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ok this might ruffle some feathers but i think girls that dont do it are somewhat selfish (please no flames!!!). i know whenever im with someone i always go down on them, not only because i like to, but i also love giving my partner pleasure. i just think its part of the act of lovemaking. now im not talking about some of the jerkoff guys that just want that and thats all....thats being dominant and boosting your ego and all that other BS. i dont expect it in return, never have never will, but i do like to get it, and its an added bonus if i do. but girls that absolutely refuse to might have had bad experiences in the past (can we think hygene issues?!?!?).

just my 2 cents




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I give them as *treats* . . . and rarely . . . I'm sorry, but why would you give up something that is mutually beneficial like sex (and dont start w/ the 69, etc, stuff) . . .

If I give Rob head he knows that I'm being veeeeeeeery nice.

And I do not expect him to go down on me if I don't go down on him, so I'm not being selfish. But if I do, he *best* return the favor. smile.gif




"And those who were seen dancing

were thought to be insane by those

who could not hear the music."



AIM: loves2cox

i love Rob *always&forever*

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over time i have met some crazy girls that dont give blow jobs .,.... can you believe this ??? i was just curious how many of you ladies refuse to give head .. and why ?

and if you do refuse to give head , do you expect the guy to go down on you ???

and for all those gilrs that just love to suck dick ...let us know ...and you get a big wet sloppy kiss anywhere you want from me , personally JoeyDollaz ...



lets go jets .....


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