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razorburn from pube shavin?


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This is the best stuff out there! If your like me and cannot be bothered to wax, bikini zone is definately the key to razor burn!!!

Put it on right after you shave. It smells a little potent, but it really works!!!


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Maybe I'm weird, but I don't use a razor, I acutally use an electric razor/ shaver with the shortest attachment possible (used to buzz hair). Even though I don't end up completely bald, it's still manageable enough to deal with, and there's no need to worry about razor burn.

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If you are scared about cutting yourself,

that's why WAXING is the answer!!! It doesn't hurt that bad like everyone says!!


Here I finally wrote that thing that I bought for AFTER shaving/WAXING..

It's called:




Prevents ingrown hairs and the rash stuff and those icky-red bumps.

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Originally posted by cmb1975

I dunno about you guys, but I dont want Nair anywhere near my cooch!!!

Seriously- considering the rash it gave me on my legs, I'll have to pass on that one! I know a lot of other women who are allergic to it to. Just be careful!

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like people said...conditioner works..also i use skintimate. and a good razor always helps too!!! but i am excited to try that new jergen's shaving lotion that is supposed to thin the hair and slow growth!?!? just got it.....letcha know if it works any wonders!!:D :D

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