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Top 5/10 Hard House Songs


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Josh Collins - Bad Pills [Wonderboy Remix]

DJ Dero - Discoeuforia [Rollercoaster Mix]

Daniele Mondello - Assassin

Ballarina - Smile [A1 Broad Smile Mix]

DJ Macguyver - Age of The Machines

Spirtual Project - symphonic no q

There is so many more I can't think of.

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To Be Able To Love is def not hard house.

here's my 2 cents, but ive been outta the loop on house music for the past couple weeks b/c ive been tryin to catch up on my hip hop, and ive been makin all these 80's mix cd's for this 80's party im spinnin at up at rutgers, but here it goes:

(older and newer)

Anthony & Sebastion-Sweet Beat(DJ Kubrik Mix)


DJ Scot Project-Overdrive

Digital Maestro-You are Crazy

Johnny Vicious ft. Lula-Trip To Uranus

Balloon-Technorocker(Warp Brothers Remix)

DHS-House of God(Holy Noise Remix)

Bulldozer Project-Something Special

DJ Jam X-Warriors(A1 mix)


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Originally posted by linabina

i actually found that avatar on a website and was thinkin bout using it but i didnt wanna be too obvious *hehe* i guess it really doesnt matter huh :D

I figured that it doesn't matter its just a joke. Put up something funny!

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trance generators- rock the beat------fawking sick

dj jam w - warriors(a1 mox)

hypertraxx- paranoid

dj darkzone-the human form

dj vortex & alpha's dream-incoming(arome mix)

foggy-come into my dream (mad mix)

angelic- cant keep me silent(dumonde remix)

these are just a few of what i think are the illest beats out right now

if you like the hard trance check these out

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