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Built Woman- sex (pic) kinda gross


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that is what happens to a woman's clitoris when she takes lots of testosterone.

cant remember the term (virilization??), but squaring of the jaw, deepening of the voice, more hair growth (like facial hair), growth of the clitoris, etc are side affects to women using test.


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Originally posted by vj604

can someone say photoshop,,.,...after this many years online i find it funny that peopel still cant recognize obviously doctored pictures..

I don't think so- i read a long time ago that taking steroids causes the clit to grow... and grow..

Nasty shit!

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this could be photoshop but it definitely happens. my ex took steroids for over a year.

she had hair growing on her chin, upper lip, back, ass, inner thighs, low abdomon(treasure trail) and prolly other spots i forget now...and her clit was HUGE...i think actually bigger than the woman in the pic.

and it costs $900 for a months supply...in case you were wondering...

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900 bucks??? i rather spend that on my car... 2 months i can get a turbo or a nice set of racing rims... 900 bucks?? damn... i wish i didnt smoke, a pack a day, 30 days in a month, 150... damn i would spend that shit on a new intake, and etc every other money... fuck... let me start a new subject on this

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Originally posted by princesslolita

eeeeel, i just ate breakfast... ::Barf ::::

I have no comments for that mess at the begining of the thread, but the picture below your post, I found captivating princecesslolita. I was scrolling down the thread when I saw that and stopped to look at it and read it for a while. I guess I'm a little pervert. Cool thinking though, every man should appreciate that. Thank god for all the girls that think like you. Keep doing it. :idea:

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Originally posted by tenupa

that was soooo gross it was funny.....and after scrolling back up to read Princesslolitas sig, i have to say .......ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!

So are you agreeing with what I wrote about Princesslolita or are you agreeing with her sig. This is confusing isn't it. Simply put, are you a girl or a guy. I think in a forum like this one, it is best to post our genders so we can understand each other's point of view. Don't know why people don't post it. I know we are all equal and all, but ladies and gents please post your gender.


"ABSOLUTELY." it's great that ladies swallow - my view


"ABSOLUTELY." yeah I swallow too - from a Lady's point of view

see my point :D

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