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to all you from Sat.


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I really didn't expect to see N E 1 at all this last sat but it's always a pleasant surprise to see you guys out.

B-Boy and B2B at Zentra. How bout that deep hard techno, eh?

Tommy and Tranceaction at CB.

I hope you guys had fun.

You all missed an awesome set by Chris Gin at redno5. I only caught the last hour

News is, he's the Thurs and Sat resident at Rive Gauche.

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Why would you have to Bribe the bouncer? Just tell them you are on the guestlist, when they check the list and you aren't on it they will just make you write down your email address and then they will let you in anyway. Trust me I have done this a million times.

Or to make it really easy on yourself just put your name on the guestlist zentranightclub@aol.com attn: Seth

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Originally posted by bouncyboy

and then there was that certain someone you know that works there that wouldn't vouch for you....

It's her job though man, carn't blame her... you know hiow it is with the Crobar i guess they need to keep it tidy so the powers that be don't have anything to go on.

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