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  1. Biggest Breaks and D&B event ever in a Chicago club

    since 2 years ago when no one had anything to say about breaks in Chicago.
  2. Great to meet the Chicago crew!

    ? Honey, who are you trying to fool?
  3. sat nite at crobar (roll call)

    You saw what I was talking bout FM. Thanks. I had a heads up on the cocktail reception but am still unaware of how "private" the guestlist is for it. I think it's a good idea for the CP people to have some time at the club before it gets real crazy and I wanted to make sure any of you who wanted to go, could. Get on her guestlist tho. It should be a fun time. It's gonna be a big night guys so if you don't show up to the reception, show up early. Last year, they closed the doors at midnight.
  4. sat nite at crobar (roll call)

    For those of you who plan on going to CB anyway on Sat. I have another option for a preparty. send me a note, cuz I'd like to invite you guys. [email protected]
  5. sat nite at crobar (roll call)

    Hey B2B, The 18th would also mark a year since I had met you through Miss Moneypenny. R'member? of course you do.
  6. sat nite at crobar (roll call)

    and other accessories. But don't look for me, I'll look for you all.
  7. OK kids

    I say laterz all the time. It was a Hawaiian pidgin thing.
  8. OK, what the fuck...

    that's what I feel like right now. I had a good time last night. Definitely my favorite show of the year so far.
  9. In my dreams

    This is my sob story: For as little as I post, I thought I'm entitled one big long fukken message. About a week and a half ago, I went online to order tickets for the PVD show. I busy working while going through the order process, put it on my card and got a confirmation which I copied and put into an outlook message, which is something I normally do. Now things have been busy since, working this new job, getting the kids on schedule, and w/ my trip to Oregon, it doesn't occur to me that the tickets have not come in the mail. Anyway, Mrs Der informs me 2 days ago that we still haven't rec'd them and that there is the charge on our account, so okay, "take care of it der." Yesterday, I call ticketmaster to find out what the holdup is and they ask for a confirmation number. Here's me looking through outlook messages trying to find the confirmation number: "where the fuk is it!!?" Okay, so I don't have the confirmation number. Transfer over to customer service for dumb customers. "Can I have you credit card number? (minute lapse) "What is your last name?" (minute lapse) "what is your first name?" (another min) "what is the event?" (that's 4 now). "Sir, we don't have an order for you." It's like I just imagined the order process. No record of my order at all. I musta dreamt the whole thing. No confirmation on my computer. Really, I searched the thing. So after a lot of pissing and moaning, I tell them to at least take the charge off my account. "We didn't charge your account sir." Okay, bitch and whine now. Call back Mrs Der and Mrs Der says, "I never said it was on our account." Like I was just dreaming the whole thing. It wasn't on our account. Really, it comes down to my word vs all factual evidence. I didn't make the order. It musta been in a dream. Now, I'm making plans for the time I thought I'd be at the PVD show tonight. I'll be working on an outfit for the 18th or on a project in the basement while Mrs Der is trying to hook her and a friend up w/ tickets at the HOB. Bottom line being: I'm not going to what may possibly be the best show of the year. Fuk Oakey, fuk diggey, This is PVD, and I'm not going. On the bbs's, people are all over looking for tickets. I've already accepted the fact that I'm not going. I'm not taking a trip downtown for the mere chance of scoring tickets. I'll just have a few beers and do some studying or something. The only way I'm going now is if someone in my office scores a tick and will sell it to me, but I'd give it to Mrs Der cuz she's more stoked to go than I. but then, that's something that would only happen in my dreams.
  10. Single most important issue or generation faces?

    is people talking about issues and not doing anything about them.
  11. ATT:back2basics

    GB, just think of how you would respond to the same post by someone else on your usual board. I'm sure we appreciate the option, but If given the option to do business w/ a friend or a stranger, I'm sure you'd go w/ the friend.
  12. Paul Van Dyk

    2 more days who still plans on going?
  13. How often do you use - -

    your cel phone?
  14. what's your name?

    der let's stick w/ that one.
  15. f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*******ck me

    brah, you need a cyber hug. I did something very similar but only lost a gig or two. see if you can find your stuff from winmx and start getting into the habit of backing up data files.