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Question for the gurlies???


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i dont mind if a guy comes up to me and starts dancin', but you gotta say something. ask for my name/where im from/etc.

then if i'm interested he'll know and i'll end up probably making the first move. if i'm not interested, i'll keep on dancing, but none of that hand on the butt shit. ;)

why are you asking this. just go out there and have fun. it will come naturally ifyou dont think about it so much.

good luck!

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I kinda like the peek a boo approach. I like it when a guy checks me out for a while and lets me catch him checking me out. We pass a few smiles back and forth and then he just finds me on the dance floor and starts dancing. He has to be a good dancer though.

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They gotta do the lookin thing and then if we make some contact hes gotta be a good dancer, thats number 1...then after a minute of dancin make some simple convo, name...etc, then maybe something good could come out of it later...and they gotta be wearin something nice, i agree with that

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I can't stand if a guy just comes up to me and starts dancing withtout asking

I like it when someone will come up to me and very politely ask me if I would like to dance...and I don't mean what I heard from a few guys this Sat "I want to dance with you" and no stupid pick-up lines please. And if a girl says no thank you..don't be a dick just say ok and walk away.

The kind of meetings I love at clubs are when you are eyeing each other during the night, but the guy is a little shy to come up to you. But then you both kind of work your way closer and end up talking or dancing.

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