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Allergic to Condoms?


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Woah talk about needing a new form of birth contorl...

So I used one yesterday (the pull and prey method was becoming more prey than anything) and HOLY SHIT! it hurt like hell......this is the reason that I stopped using them in the first place:mad: And its not the lubrication or anything...hehe Im lubed up as it is.......but god damn it what else can it be???

Now im still all sore and irritated and shit and really pissed off :mad:

Someone take me out of my misery :blown:

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I have that problem whenever I wear those Magnums :)

Sorry to hear that kat...That's the first time I've heard of that problem, so I can't help ya there...and I haven't had unprotected sex in A WHILE! Hope you feel better...and I'm coming to collect that B-DAY KISS!!

Ragga "Yeah I'm only 2 inches.....from the ground!!"

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my ex girlfriend was the same way.. she would get an allergic reaction to the condom..

it would hurt like hell the rest of the day, so after our third month in a row praying for her period, she went on the pill..

and there were no more trips to planned parenthood except to pick up her monthly pills

the pills actually improved her skin, and made her breasts bigger

so it was a win win sitaution

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