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Exit Review!!!


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Yes, unfortunately i went last nite. :mad:

had a good nite, i must say. :D

The only thing bad was that i've heard they turned the Red Room into a Hip-Hop room last nite, so i didn't even bother going up there. And there seems to be alot less people last nite, must be 'cause of the weather.

Sorry that i missed the 2:30 meet up @ the Red Room, if there was even one to begin with. I promised to meet up with ya all next coming friday nite.

Until then....Good Nite. :spin2: :spin2: :spin2: :spin2:

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i heard draper played a lot of vocals and people were screamin this aint factory? truth 2 this??? he played debroah cox twice..alsoo the rumor about EARTH, i heard from a source i trust 110% is true....

no more exit heads, were all gonna be EARTH - LINGS, haha who's down for my krew, hahahaha fawkin earth, sum1 :blown: me

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someone told me this morning that he heard they were changing the name but also seen tons of fliers, posters for that flamers party, so maybe he was just to fawked up to put it together i dont know? i hope he was just too retarted to realize it, and i thought junior was comin after exit reopened, his party is on the 25th sum1 said and exit is open till like 12 pm?

and im tellin every exit head here, they better STAY LATE AS FAWKIN HELL on the 24th, make draper spin till 9, make him earn his $6.75 per hour, i think the drummer guy gets more then draper, ever see his jar, mad loot and he empties it out and it fills out again.....


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EXIT last night was good despite Drapers lack of his signature series of songs. I saw Capello in the booth, so I didnt understand why he didnt play none of his good tracks like Tarentella, Fantasy. I don't remember hearing Pressure or Diamonds either, so I'm a little pissed off about that if I mised them.

We finally had a successful meetup. Red Room was closed last night, so the meetup moved outside. Great to meet Rdancer, Trancerxn112, BigArt [thanx for the programs bro. you da man] DJ JustinH, and met TwinAngel later in the night with rdancer. Everyone was extremely cool, and thats why meetups are the shit. Hopefully more in the future.

Had a fuckin good time, and then got to chill and listen to Draper for the second half of the night. He still plays music in phases, and I doubt that is ever gunna change, but who cares. I go to EXIT to have a good time, and I always do, so no hate here.

P.S. Go see American Pie 2. Its fuckin hilarious

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Exit was nice friday

met a lot of people,

Bugged out even more people,

and just had a awsome time with my friends.

Met pangelid which was pretty kool, Enjoy the Programs :)

kinda upset, with that whole Justin H (Fiasco) who ever said that LIE, EAT SHIT AND DIE:blown:

otherwise it was a great night :D

see you all the 17th :D

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OK this is what Justin Told me

If i remember correct Some Asshole, last week aug 3rd, went into the Dj Booth, When that Kid was asked to leave, He said that "he paid justin 100 bucks to get into the booth" So that is why THat fucken asshole in the DJ booth Did not LEt ANYONE in the Fucking booth this last friday, UNless you had T & A, or you were walking in with 4 pieces of "T" and 2 pieces of "A" :mad:

It was Mad Fucked up.......... :mad:

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