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Originally posted by nrgy112

this combination used to be really big back in my clubbing days of 97-98, was referred to as a ck-1, and it's good if the stuff is good.

LMAO! I love that term! I've never heard anyone else use it before.

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Originally posted by jimk29

Blow + K = heart attack

think about it, K is trying to slow your body down and blow is trying to make it speed up... doesn't mean I've never done it, but it is still a bad idea.

It's not like speedballing or anything... K doesn't slow your heart down the way heroine does.

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Originally posted by tastyt

It's a combination I used to love. The blow took the dopiness out of the K, the K made me not jones for the coke. Overall I found it great for dancing.

Completely second above, just watch how much blow you do with K, cause I have found that too much can sober you up...

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