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Sex is so boring these days in 2001 !!!

Guest kainerosado

What type of MAN/WOMAN are you?  

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  1. 1. What type of MAN/WOMAN are you?

    • missionary?
    • Closet Case?
    • Open to 99 ways, but only 1 on 1?
    • Open to 99 ways, with my door open?
    • Some what kinky with my mate?
    • Slut?
    • S&M?
    • Threesome or more?
    • Love to watch others?
    • All of the above?

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Guest kainerosado

Boredom in NYC

Sex today is so boring due to the fact that condoms are in play, HIV is alive, no one is out of the closet one way or another, everyone cheats on eachother to complete there true fantasies, Small dicks, large pussies, closed minds, no toys allowed, and last but not least "I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF GIRL".

We all know that sex can be better, but are afraid to keep it real with your partner. What's going on with this world? Why can't we find a open minded woman/man? I know I can find an open minded woman/man that is married or taken, but never one that keeps it real with you on your first date.

I have learned from my past that humans never tell there mate what there true sex dreams are and regret it years later with 3 kids and a mortgage. All woman act like they are pure and clean when there head board has more notches than a call girl. And men, sweet at first, cheat at second. Believe me woman cheat as well. They will say... "NEVER" until they turn blue. But they know that one guy that was at that one place was just a turn on, she could not help herself. He will never find out! And he never does. Why? Woman are smarter cheaters then men. Men are just plain stupid!

As for me, I finally found a WOMAN that knows how to keep it real. Our first meeting she said "HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU EXCPECT ME TO STAY WITH ONE MAN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE"! I knew she was for me rite there and then. We have tons of fun all the time with other or with our door closed to the world. Why can't all woman be like that!!!

I know, your all about lies. And men, your all pigs.

Why can't we all be like Moddonna's "Erotica"

Boredom in NYC?

Not any more...

I went to the phatest swingers party last sat night!!!! There were over 60 couples at one time, 200 though out the night. $120 to get in per couple. Open bar all night. Good music, not the best. Cute small dance floor, condom bowls every, lockers for your clothing (just in case), 2 very clean bathrooms, a back sex room and the girls were nice, cute or HOT! From what I get from the girls’ view, there were only a few hot men. There were 3 types of woman there: the classy that watch, but not played. The 4 play one that licked to be touch, but nothing else. And the ones who just did not care. Unfortunate the ones who stayed away and were the voyeur, they were the hottest. But thinking like a man, at least they were nude and I got to see them play with their man. And for the ladies, I know some of you say this is sick, I say this to that "I DON"T CARE". MEN!!! You have to go as a couple; not 2 men couple either. fem & man! And yes ladies can go alone. ADVICE 2 ALL... be nice a polite.

Below are a few does and don'ts.

Etiquette for Swingers

The Do's & Don'ts

* Arrive and leave on time.

* Wash yourself thoroughly (but lay off heavy fragrances).

* Couples are preferred, if not mandatory, at most locations.

* Aggressiveness, particularly amongst men, is a definite no-no.

* Dress Comfortably.

* Respect the limits of your partners: no means no, even at a swingers club.

* Do not disturb others unless you're invited to join.

* Strict voyeurs are not welcome: if you've come only to watch you'll be asked to leave.

* Refrain from seeking people's identity or job affiliation.

* Clean up after yourself.

* Don't be possessive, greedy, or envious. It just isn't very attractive.


Kaine Rosado

If for any reason you want to learn more about NYC sex scene. Swingers, Bondage, Orgies, Threesomes... Let me Know.

Contact me at: KaineDrama@aol.com or goto: http://www.1800NightClubs.com under clubscene/swingers

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Guest kainerosado





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