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  1. How Old Is Everyone On The Sex Board?

    I'll be turning 26 in January 25th........
  2. Anthony Nero At Limelight Was On........

    It was pleasure meeting all you KRAZY KATS ~ hopefully we can do this again........
  3. I Love My Ass!

    and also this one
  4. I Love My Ass!

    since I'm latin I would consider myself an ass man... this is what I consider a nice ass..... enjoy!!!!!!
  5. For all the fetish freaks out there

    for upcoming parties and events...... www.mothernyc.com The same people who brought you JACKIE 60 @ Mother are back!!!!
  6. Sunday at Cheetah

    Definitely a SLAMMIN party, been going there for 2months straight.... The music, vibe and people are amazing - a must go party on a SUNDAY night....
  7. SANDBAR + GIRLS = Easy???

    No disrespect but I've been going to SANDBAR lately for the past 3weeks and I've noticed that the girls that go to SANDBAR are easy to hookup with (literally)... For the past 3 weeks that I've been going there with my friends - majority of them hook-up every time that we go there (one night stand) ... My group consist of 2 couples and 3 single guys. Are girlfriends are amazed how girls now-n-days especially in this club put out so easily when they hookup with a guy on the same night... I wonder if these girls do this everytime that they go there? So for all you single guys that want some action, I recommend you checkout SANDBAR friday nights..... I don't think I'll be going back there again, maybe my friends but not me and my girl..... Anyone ever experienced or seen this happening? just curious....... later, -Richie
  8. Sex is so boring these days in 2001 !!!

    One of my friends are planning on throwing a party for SWINGERS b4 heading out to Junior's Bday - might be a weekly thing (Saturday)....... NYC has corrupted this innocent boy - hehe anyway - PLUR -Richie
  9. TICKETMASTER https://ticketing.ticketmaster.com/cgi/purchasePage.asp?event_id=32FFD72166E8&event_code=EXI0825L R I C H I E see you all there
  10. from red...to blue (pix)

  11. you can check out International Male www.internationalmale.com ------------------
  12. sig test

    nice ------------------
  13. from red...to blue (pix)

    nice........ what's your nationality? [This message has been edited by s-i-l-v-e-r (edited 06-30-2001).]