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yet another reason to go to crobar on saturday

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The current issue of UR magazine (came out monday night) is the "Club" issue...Some of these club descriptions are pretty damn funny b/c they're so wrong.

However, I quote the Crobar "review"


Open? Closed? Closed? Open? For now, yes...but it feels like a shell of it's former self: wednesday night is gone, the faithful are holding it's (sic) breath and the owners aren't saying a word. In spite of current problems, the warehouse is still the cathedral of Chicago dance music--literally and figuratively. Clientele mature raver kids and the curious, though the latter is dropping now that everyone thinks the place will close.

(gets up on soapbox)I beleive that we have a duty....no screw that, A MORAL OBLIGATION, to show up in full force and full effect to show the jokers who describe crobar as a "shell" of its former self, realize what pale shadows of a "REAL CLUB" almost all the rest of the chicago clubs--and I use the word "Club" loosely--are. So bring it!!!

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Originally posted by fiatmusica

and bouncey...

its supposed top be pretty cool like 60 +/- on saturday night, so it won't be obscenely hot this go round

60 outside means 100 in crobar, no ventilation and 2000 sweaty guys with no shirts on??? No thanks. I am crobarred out for a while at least...

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