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ok, I've been parting for a while now, and I used to feel that every drug had its time or place or type of person, but can someone give me a different opionion on TINA? (crystal)

This has to be the most EVIL drug out there, it makes you crave, fiend, never feel satisfied with anything, and then you feel worse

Oh and yeah you wont be able to rest, nevermind sleep for days.

your thoughts?

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Tina never affected me like that. What you wrote is a perfect description of what coke does to me. Well, except for the not sleeping for days part. I personally have only done little bumps or tiny little lines of crystal to keep going. And I was satisfied with that. Then I'd maybe do some more a few hours later. With coke on the other hand you have to recharge AT LEAST every 20 minutes.

So no I don't think it's necessarily more evil than anything else out there. I'm not denying that there's the potential for someone to completely destroy their life with that stuff. But as someone else wrote on another thread, it's not the drug it's the person. And it's a different drug for every person. I'm not going to use the "M" word because I'm sick of writing it!

So just pace yourself, Mikey! :)

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I figured Coke was like that too, but I never tried.

So far my observations on certain drugs has been true, I only tried somethings I normally wouldn't because I was bored with the ones I "already knew and loved".

truth is I'm cutting down because a different drug wont nessessarly give me "a better high" unless I start hardcore and that wont happen.

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I have done my fair share of just about everything and I never got really strung out from crystal, I have had longer binges on blow and the only problem is that it will cost you a lot more money. Crystals really not a big deal, remember its all about moderation, if you remember that I think anythings alright.

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