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yeah the garth brooks is good as hell too....and does anybody have the real versions of:

Eurithmics-Sweet Dreams


Madonna-Like A Prayer 2001

i have the fake moody mix of sweet dreams which isnt even moody which is pretty close to the one JP plays....i believe thats the one that Jim Heinz remixed but i could be wrong....just wondering if anyone has the real versions of those!!! they are hot too!!! but the TRB song is hot as hell!!!! i keep pumpin it in my room!!! lol...yeah that s&m party he played that song at least three times when i was there!!! good shit though!! peace:eek: :eek:

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Originally posted by inyourdreams

Listen up ASSHOLE I wasn't talking to you....um if you would scroll up and READ like a normal person you would see that I was quoting Tranza and didn't mention ANYTHING about you so shut the fuck up and calm yourself...


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Guest saleen351

Thanks kvanzile9 for the hook up

I just listened to it and I don't understand what the big hype is about...maybee I'll burn it to play on my sytem..

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Originally posted by inyourdreams


What a fucking loser...bitch feels stupid now bc she knows went on raving like a lunatic about fucking nothing LOL

Try again u fucken cunt lowlife*Keep trying and wasting your time like i said the first time beotchhhhhhh* ok i'm done w/ this*:laugh: :laugh:

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