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Sex to Music


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Whom here has had sex to music?

was it fun?

did you go to the beat?

did you find it to be something you would do again?

STORIES.. i want some stories

i personally have, and i find that you wind up goin to the beat.. it's pretty cool, and loads of fun!


anyone else?

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music can't be too loud...otherwise i loose my chain of thought

it's funny, i can't jerk off while listening to music, but i can fuck

i don't really care what music is playing, coz once the action has started, i don't really pay attention...it becomes in the background...but actually, if it someone i really love and i want a long nice nite, then i put in something slow and chill, like acid jazz or Enya, or something like that...mood stuff.

what i really really want to do is find some girl and give her a hate fuck to some mad loud shit like Nine Inch Nails or rage against the Machine

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